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About Fiturbo

Fiturbo is a start-up project created by a couple of enthusiasts of Internet, Open Hardware, Outdoor Sporting and Design across Japan, China and the US.

‘Fiturbo U3 Activity & Sleep Tracker’ and the cloud-based website Fiturbo.com was launched on May, 2013. Architectured on the ‘Web of Things’ model, Fiturbo is dedicated to encouraging people be more sportive and could experience more fun from the excises.

Fiturbo U3′s prototype product is designed in Tokyo, Japan before mass production in Guangdong, China.

After a couple of months’ beta test, Fiturbo U3 is officially promoted into US online market in June, 2013 through marketplaces like Amazon, eBay etc. During the trial sale period, it’s only sold at a very limited sale price of $39.99 Only.

U3 will soon enter into United Kingdom, Germany, France and other main consuming markets.

Make Fiturbo your fitness’ turbo enginee.


Regain your Happiness

The hectic life is not an excuse to drop off your exercises. The fear of running alone is not an excuse.
As in the Fiturbo community, someone is enjoying the running 20,000 KMs away at your same time.
Get some exercises, and say a big hi to your Fiturbo mate.


What is Fiturbo?


Fitness Platform: You can setup your profile,
your fitness target and view your excise data on the
cloud-backed www.fiturbo.com. Yes you can meet up
and discuss with other Fiturboer there.


Wearable Device: Simply put on the Fiturbo U3
device with you, and all your moving data will be
automatically captured and recorded before uploading
to fiturbo.com.

Fiturbo Team

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