B4 Bluetooth Activity & Sleep Tracker

Fiturbo B4 will give you the data instruction for a healthy and happy life. Fiturbo makes it easy to track your everyday movements while planning your healthy life style.

Our new software allows you to track not only your step count, but your distance, calories burned, and how close you are to reaching daily goals. Place it into your wrist band at night, and it’ll measure your sleep quality.

Fiturbo B4 will inspire you to take that extra step everyday. It can detect the slightest movements giving you the most accurate and timely information available. Own a Fiturbo B4 today and challenge yourself to live a better life.

Daily Steps   4415  steps

Daily Distance   3.61  Kilometer

Calorie Consumption  2881  Kcal

Fiturbo B4 will measure your sleep quality at night. Place it into your wrist band and activate the sleep mode when you’re ready to fall asleep, it will start tracking your movements in bed.

Fiturbo B4 is different from the traditional health equipment. It allows you to sync each and everyday's activity to the cloud and view it on your smart phones, PC or other devices. No more pen and paper, just clear progress day by day.

Fiturbo B4 offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and syncs yourreal-time stats to your smart phone.

Fiturbo B4 allows you to share your progress with your friends and cheer each other on, helping you stay motivated.