Fiturbo Hydro Smart Mug

Not Drinking Enough Water? There is an App for that.

Fiturbo Hydro is "smarter" then your average glass. In fact, it is the world's first smart glass, which can accurately record users everyday water intake, compared that amount to the users specific hydration needs, and then provide the user with that information so they know when they need to drink more, rather than just waiting until their body tells them they are thirsty.

Why not wait to drink until you are thirsty?

Your body does not send the signal that causes you to feel thirsty or want to drink water until you’re already 2%dehydrated. This means that the feeling of thirst does not happen until the body has incurred a state of serious water shortage. Fluids from beverages and foods make up our body's primary source of water. Water that our bodies need to control body temperature and transport oxygen and other essential nutrients to our cells. Throughout the day we are constantly losing water through actions as simple as breathing and perspiring. In order to stay both hydrated and in good health, we need to be constantly replacing these fluids. This is why it is important not to wait until your body is telling you that you have to drink, but rather be aware of the fluid intake your body needs at all times.

We are all guilty of getting busy at work, or just caught up in our daily lives and forgetting to drink that water we need to remain hydrated and healthy. Fiturbo Hydro is great because it does the work for you and then reminds you when you need to drink more throughout the day ensuring your body gets the water it needs.

DPAT Smart Drinking Plan

DPATis a multidimensional water drinking plan which tells you how much water you need and when you need to drink. It takes the following four factors into account: the individuals drinking volume, constitution, activity and environmental temperature.

Ourapp syncs Fiturbo Hydro with your smartphone or other devices and creates a realistic DPAT hydration plan for you.


Monitoring You Daily Water Intake

Fiturbo Hydro keeps track of how much water you drink each day. Containing a load cell with an accurate algorithm, Fiturbo Hydro can keep track of your water intake with a less than 20 ml margin of error.

Furthermore, Fiturbo Hydro is programmed with an action recognition system that allows it to recognize the action of pouring water to avoid counting errors.

Water Temperature Sensor

Another feature of Fiturbo Hydro is an internal water temperature sensor. This sensor allows Fiturbo Hydro to determine the temperature of itseternal liquid contents and then “remind you” by changing the external color indicator to reflect the temperature of what’s inside.


Made of “Mother Approved” Materials

The Fiturbo Hydro tank is created with Tritancopolyester,a safe and eco-friendly material. TritanCopolyesteris the new generation patented material created by an US company called Eastmen. This material is strong sturdy, with no remaining taste, and a wide temperature tolerance. Even better, Tritancopolyester has never released harmful substances and it contains no BPA. This copolyester is certified by the FDA US (Food Contact Notification, FCN, NO. 729.)and is also the assigned material of baby’s nursing bottle in European and American Areas.

What’s BPA?
BPA, the abbreviation of Bisphenol A, is awidely used ingredient of plastics. Yet research shows, BPA is known to cause some unwanted side effects on the body’s immune and reproductive systems. In addition to these health risk factors, when heated to higher temperatures products that contain BPA will release harmful chemicals.


How the App Works:

Fiturbo Hydro uses a Bluetooth 4.0 to transfer your water drinking information to your cellphone or other electronic devices. This way you can check and manage your hydration plan easily on you mobile device. From the App you can even receive comments and suggestions to help or encourage you in creating and maintaining your healthy water drinking habits.


Easy to Wash

Fiturbo Hydro features are exquisite designed for easy cleaning. It’s waterproof so it will not get damaged when washed under a tap or soaked in a sink for a short time. Also for your convenience, the mug’s mouth is designed large enough for the human hand to scrub the insides with ease.


Long Standby Time

Only 2 button cells support Fiturbo Hydro for 4-6 months'use,so you don't need to worry about the power.


The Perfect Gift for A Loved One

A Hydrated person is a healthier and happier person. With Fiturbo Hydro as their “Hydration Assistant” there will be no need for you to worry whether or not they are getting the water they need.

Coming Soon: The next version of the App will feature a Remote Reminder function that will allow you to follow your friends and loved ones, to show concern or give support.